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Electronic Manufacturing Capabilites

We manufacture quick turnaround prototypes and low to high-volume production runs. Our electronic manufacturing capabilities combined with highly skilled operators, technicians and engineers consistently deliver the highest quality products and services for a diverse customer base within all sectors of industry.

Our business model is dynamic and allows us to be very flexible, responsive and competitive. Quick setup and changeover times are critical to contract manufacturing and we utilise proven Lean Manufacturing techniques to maximise our efficiency. We can also provide dedicated production cells and operators when appropriate.  

Electronic Manufacturing Equipment - SMT

We have extensive SMT capabilities in-house with all 3 of our SMT lines having been purchased since 2019, giving us full flexibility to run any product on any line.

Our two main production lines are mirrored but apart from that are identical. Each SMT line consists of:

Electronic Manufacturing Capabilities
Prototype PCB Assembly Surface Mount Machine

Dedicated Prototype SMT Line

We have a dedicated SMT line for Prototyping to ensure there is no disruption to our main lines and production schedule when prototype builds are required.

Our prototype SMT line was purchased in October 2020 solely for this purpose and was specified with maximum flexibility in mind. This line utilises the advantages of:

3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Line

Every PCB Assembly that we manufacture goes through 100% 3D Automated Optical Inspection.

Our 3D AOI system was purchased in July 2019 and takes advantage of the very latest imaging hardware and software. This enables us to utilise the accuracy of algorithmic inspection and gives us live statistical process control data in our SMT department. The 3D AOI Line consists of:

3D Automated Optical Inspection Line
X-Ray Inspection machine

X-ray Inspection

As surface mount devices have evolved BGA and Bottom Termination Components have become more common in PCB Assemblies.

We have our own X-ray system in house that our IPC-610 qualified inspectors can use to verify our processes when they involve BGA and Bottom Termination Components that would otherwise be impossible to inspect.

Semi-Automated Selective Soldering

To provide additional speed and consistency for larger volume Conventional/Through Hole soldering.

Our 2 Semi-Automated Selective Soldering machines are perfect for when larger production quantities are required. Selective Soldering gives added benefits over the more traditional Wave Soldering technique by enabling us to select the specific PCB area that requires soldering. So even double-sided boards are easily soldered at scale with consistency.

Conventional/Through Hole PCB Assembly
pcb assembly - conformal coating - Smart Electronics

Automated Conformal Coating

Electronic assemblies have evolved, so too has the importance of protecting them from the harsh environments they may be exposed to.

In October 2020, due to an increase in demand for this service, we took the decision to invest in one of the latest 3-Valve systems on the market. This brings with it a huge advantage over 2-Valve systems when coating an assembly that has “Keep Out” areas that cannot have conformal coating on them. It eliminates the need for masking, improves process time and reduces cost to our customers.

CNC Machining

We also have in-house CNC machining capabilities that are used for a variety of applications.

Commonly used to create customised tooling to improve our production processes, having the CNC in-house also comes with additional benefits for our customers. We can use the CNC to customise off-the-shelf caseworks to suit customer applications when needed.

contract manufacturing - CNC

Our Equipment

2 x High Speed & Highly Flexible SMT Lines
112K CPH Capacity
1 x Dedicated Prototype SMT Line 16K CPH Capacity
01005 & µBGA Capability
3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
X-ray Inspection
2 x Selective Soldering Lines
PTH Hand Soldering
3-Valve Automated Conformal Coating
UV Curing
Resin Potting
Ultrasonic Welding
CNC Milling

Industries Served

Power Distribution
Energy Management
Industrial Controls
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