Prototype PCB Assembly

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Prototype PCB Assembly

We offer tailored solutions for your Prototype PCB Assembly and New Product Introduction (NPI) projects, including a Fast Track service.

From a very early stage we will work closely with your design team sharing our extensive technical knowledge in electronic manufacturing to highlight any potential issues which could result in costly problems during full-scale production. We can also provide Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Test (DfT) reporting after each prototype build.

Our flexible and responsive approach will ensure that your time to market is minimized for any new product launch. Our extensive electronics industry experience is at your disposal at all times.

Dedicated Prototype PCB Assembly Cell

Here at Smart Electronics we have a dedicated SMT Line and manufacturing cell for customer prototyping. In 2020 we identified a need to expand our offering for prototype PCB assembly due to a large increase in demand. Therefore we took the strategic decision to invest in a 3rd SMT line which is dedicated and uniquely specified for Prototyping and complements our PCB Assembly services.

This cell utilises Jet Printing technology which means that no costly stencils are required to print the prototype PCB assembly. This also enables us to make changes on the fly saving both time and money for the customer. This is paired with the latest Mycronic placement machine that can handle any component type and has a manual loading option to cater for any shape of PCB. This is all complemented with both Vapour Phase and Convection Reflow technology ensuring we are equipped to handle any assembly requirements.

Protorype PCB Assembly Line
prototype pcb assembly casework modification

Casework Customisation Service

When building a prototype PCB assembly it is often used to prove a concept before moving to larger-scale production. In this situation, it is usually not viable to incur the tooling costs associated with customised caseworks. Here at Smart Electronics, we have an in-house Hurco CNC machine that is not only used to make custom tooling to enhance our production processes but also regularly used to customise off-the-shelf cases for customers that are in either the prototype or low-volume production phases. This can assist greatly in reducing production costs in the earlier days of a product launch.

To find out how we can help you with these services, contact us.

Fast Track Service Available
Reduced Time To Market
Supply Chain Expertise
Full Turnkey/Free Issue/Partial Turnkey & FI Combined Services Available
Dedicated Prototype SMT Line
ISO 9001 / 13485 / 14001
Workmanship to IPC-A-610 Class 3
Certified Operators to IPC 7711 / 7721 Standards
Engineering Support
Full DfM and DfT Reporting
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