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Box Build integrates your PCB assembly into an enclosure or chassis combined with other components such as cables, hardware, overlays etc.

Smart Electronics box build PCB assembly and mechanical engineering capabilities are integral to our electronic medical device manufacturing solutions. We have skilled mechanical operators producing a diverse range of high-quality assemblies from simple devices to high-end critical infrastructure and non-invasive medical products. 

Utilising Lean manufacturing principles our team will work very closely with you to ensure we maximise design and process efficiency and minimise your costs. Get in touch today to find out more about our Electronic Box Build Assembly services.

Box Build Assembly Capabilities

Our customers take advantage of our tailored and flexible box build system integration and test services at Smart Electronics. We can provide a bespoke manufacturing environment for complex box build products. Our team of experts have fantastic knowledge in this area and can provide a responsive solution when demand is dynamic but lead times are short.

Our team works together to ensure that all stages of the product life cycle are kept on track. We monitor purchasing, logistics and inventory control to make sure production is streamlined and efficient, while also ensuring that the specific budget is met.

At Smart Electronics, we have a dedicated production line that can provide PCB and box build manufacturing, assembly, product testing and packing, all with full traceability. All of our medical device products are built to the customer’s specific requirements.

pcb assembly - electronic manufacturing - Smart Electronics Floor

Benefits of Outsourcing with Smart Electronics

There are several benefits when you outsource your Electronic Box Build Assembly with Smart Electronics. Firstly, you will benefit from a reduction in your manufacturing and warehousing space requirements. We can also hold lower-level sub-assemblies until they are ready to integrate into the higher-level assembly, ideal for those who have a more complex supply chain or larger scales of production.

Also, working with Smart Electronics can significantly reduce your costs. Having us on your team allows you to eliminate labour, insurance, training and many other employment-related costs. These can often be more expensive than the overall price of outsourcing. You also can reduce the costs of having to stay up to date with new technologies and equipment, as we have all of the best and most up to date systems available.

Finally, working with us can significantly increase your productivity. At Smart Electronics, we have a team of highly skilled and well educated individuals who completely understand specific design requirements. We can apply our vast knowledge and expertise to your project often delivering much higher levels of productivity. Our expertise in the medical device manufacturing field also allows us to manage projects more efficiently, improving on-time delivery and helping to reduce overall costs. Defects and other issues found during manufacturing can also be resolved more quickly due to the knowledge and experience of our staff.

Are you seeking an Electronic Box Build Assembly that you can rely on? Get in touch with Smart Electronics today.

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