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pcb assembly - Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Electronic Contract Manufacturing is where a company manufactures, tests, distributes and provides return or repair services of electronic products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). At Smart Electronics, we offer a range of electronic contract manufacturing services, including PCB assembly, testing and final product assembly for OEM’s.

Our aim is to provide the best manufacturing solutions for our customers’ individual requirements. We understand the different manufacturing needs our customers may have, including timescale, batch size and technical characteristics of the electronic and cable assemblies. Our team of experts will guide your project through every step of the process. 

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Outsource your Electronic Manufacturing with Smart Electronics

Electronics manufacturing is a complex process, so outsourcing to a team of experts will ensure that the latest manufacturing technologies are utilised. This frequently leads to reduced manufacturing costs and increased efficiencies for the OEM. At Smart Electronics, the team delivers a high level of commitment and service to our customers by tailoring solutions to suit your specific manufacturing and supply chain requirements.

Benefits of working with a Contract Electronic Manufacturer

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Smart Electronics can scale manufacturing to suit your needs. From initial concept prototyping and pre-production to low, mid and high-volume manufacturing, including end-user distribution if required. Outsourcing your assemblies to our Electronic Contract Manufacturing team has many benefits. When you outsource your PCB manufacturing and assembly to us, our highly skilled team offer valuable cost-saving benefits in areas such as procurement, logistics and product quality. We focus on the product build for you thereby freeing your time and resources to concentrate on sales, marketing and product development. 

At Smart Electronics, we consistently invest in our manufacturing plant, meaning you don’t have to. Our high-tech manufacturing plant utilises the latest technologies to maximise quality and throughput. Over the years our team has gained vast experience from manufacturing for varied industries including Medical, Automotive, Power Distribution, Telecoms, IoT, Environmental, Energy Management, Industrial Controls and Agriculture to name a few. This experience coupled with the technology in use enables us to handle the manufacturing of all electronic devices from prototype to high-volume production and deliver them within the projects required budget and timeframe.

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